The Sir did it again #2

What a great day regarding the Men’s Sprint event at the Track Cycling World Cup in London today.

Chris Hoy (UK) beats Gregory Bauge (FRA) in the quarter finals 2-1 and Maximilian Levy (GER) beats the current World Champion Jason Kenny (UK) 2-0!!!

Then the final: The “Sir” himself did it again and beats Maximilian Levy (GER) in the final 2-0.

But a huge step for Maximilian as we’re getting closer to the 2012 Olympics in London. Bring it on!

But then final run for the 3rd place came and Robert Förstemann (GER) beats Kevin Sireau (FRA)

2-1 with the same tactic as he already tried against Chris Hoy in March 2010. Really funny, great surprise attack!!!

Congratulations to the Germans for taking Silver and Bronze in the Men’s sprint and the Gold medal in the Men’s team sprint!


Full results can be found HERE.

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