2013 – My cycling review

Another year will end in a few hours. Time to look back and summarize my cycling year 2013.



– Our 75° Gang. Riding less, meeting less, but hating more. Great!

– Cyclocross. Seeing less people in the forest, new paths, more variety and a fucking lot of dirt and mud.

Jacek Orlowski. Still one of the best and most friendly frame builder.

– Fizik Antares. I have 5 bikes and all of them have one.

– Mavic appareal. Nearly my whole cycling gear is made by them. Not cheap, but great! Forget Rapha!

– Enhancement. Means more variety.

– AWOL movie “Melons, Trucks and Angry Dogs” about the Transcontinental Race. Edited by the great Ertzui guys.



– Mielec. More a copy workshop instead of a custom builder. Ugly and heavy frames based on popular fixed frames.

– Slack angles of modern fixed and track frames.

– Clubby culture at the local Velodrome in Augsburg.

– The so-called progress of disc brakes for road and cyclocross bikes. By the end of this year nearly all of the provider had to recall their systems.

– Fixed gear deadlock.


I forgot probably a lot of things, but who cares. This is just my view on an internet blog.

Go out and ride, we are here to hate.

Happy New Year!



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