Save Keirin Berlin


Save the legend in German trackbike culture!

“Last week our landlord informed us, that he will increase the rent by 30% and will try to sell the storefront. This will lead to the end of Keirin Berlin. We don’t have rich parents, nor do we have lots of cash on Swiss bank-accounts. Moving is not really an option, as Berlin gets sold to investors and it’s only a matter of time till not only Kreuzberg is the new Brooklyn… When we moved here in 2004, they begged us to take this place and gave us a 50% reduce on the rent. Please share this! And if you have any ideas let us know! We will be working on some projects to not only save the trackbike but to keep the first ever cycle culture cafe going and #savekeirinberlin as this is not America. Gentrification sucks not only on #gentrificationtuesdays Please won’t let Leonard Cohen’s prediction “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin…” happen and ride your bike everyday, because cycling not only unites… Updates on our Instagram and soon things that make you go hmmmmm….”

Via KeirinBerlin

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